Re: gnome 2.19 schedule.


> which time constraints exactly do not fit, and why?

Afaik, gnome-scan was supposed to continue its development in order to
be ready (at least useful) for 2.20. However, i just restarted
gnome-scan from scratch for 3 days. So i wonder what will be available
for Gnome 2.20, and especially for new module due. Because including a
module require a bit of stability. I don't want to see Gnome marketing
for a buggy useless software.

> how "important" is imcapd and at which state is it currently (would this
> introduce an external dependency to imcapd if gnomescan would be
> included into GNOME 2.20? if imcapd isn't good enough yet, could button
> support just become "experimental", or postponed to 2.22? the same
> questions for Gnome OCR.)

Luckily, i can get around imcapd because of the new gnome-scan backend
handling (very similar to GtkPrint one). However, i don't know how much
i can work without Gnome OCR, because the design of post processing
depend on it. Post processing include rotation, descreen, etc.

> remember that you do not have to be feature-complete with the first
> version (your email sounds a bit like that, but perhaps i got you
> wrong). "release often, release early".

I know that. However, inclusion in Gnome mean a minimum level of
usability and stability.

> so, if scanning with GnomeScan
> in GNOME 2.20 works: perfect! and if even more stuff works: even more
> perfect. ;-)

In my crystal ball, i see Gnome Scan handling scan from files and on
some scanners using SANE. But post processing is very fuzzy now. I need
the work of Emmanuel Fleury.

Verso l'Alto !

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