Re: Using C++ bindings for desktop/admin/devtools modules

On 3/17/07, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com> wrote:
On 3/17/07, Jonathon Jongsma <jonathon jongsma gmail com> wrote:
> Unfortunately, right now there is a bit of a mindset in the free
> software world that if you're a C++ hacker, you belong in KDE, and if
> you're a C hacker, you belong in GNOME. I think a decision to accept
> applications written with C++ bindings in all GNOME release suites
> would send a positive signal to other C++ developers that there is
> top-notch C++ support for developing within GNOME, and there's a
> vibrant C++ developer community within GNOME as well.
> So obviously I'm very much in favor of accepting gtkmm / C++ apps in
> all of the GNOME release suites.

As a C++ developer who almost decided to join KDE instead of GNOME
several years ago for the reasons Jonathon listed, I mostly agree with
him.  The part I don't agree with is the "in _all_ of the GNOME
release suites"; I don't think that gtkmm/c++ apps or libs should be
allowed in the developer platform suite.

Right, I guess when I said 'all', I was only thinking about the
desktop/admin/devtools suites that vincent originally mentioned.  I
wasn't trying to argue for C++ in the developer platform.  Just so
that's clear.


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