Re: Using C++ bindings for desktop/admin/devtools modules

On 3/16/07, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
Hi all,

Right now, modules in desktop/admin/devtools suites can use the python
bindings. We also accept the use of gtk# for proposed modules. However,
it was never really agreed whether it was okay or not to use our C++
bindings for GNOME modules.

Those bindings have been rock-solid for quite some time now, and we have
a few applications using C++ here and there.

Does it make sense to allow the use of gtkmm and other C++ bindings in
our desktop/admin/devtools suites?



As a frequent user of the gnome/gtk C++ bindings, I have to say that
the C++ bindings are indeed rock solid and extremely high-quality.
It's a pleasure to code applications using gtkmm, which is a testament
both to the design of GTK+ and the tireless and often thankless work
of people like Murray.

Unfortunately, right now there is a bit of a mindset in the free
software world that if you're a C++ hacker, you belong in KDE, and if
you're a C hacker, you belong in GNOME. I think a decision to accept
applications written with C++ bindings in all GNOME release suites
would send a positive signal to other C++ developers that there is
top-notch C++ support for developing within GNOME, and there's a
vibrant C++ developer community within GNOME as well.

So obviously I'm very much in favor of accepting gtkmm / C++ apps in
all of the GNOME release suites.

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