Re: Gnome panel hacking

2007/6/21, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org>:
A lot of people hate it when the buttons take all the space :-)

I don't like it either, but if possible every wish should be satifsied.

Your previous patch was fixing a size for the buttons, but it might not
be the best thing to do since it's often okay to have more buttons with
a smaller size (but not too small either, that's why we have the minimum
size for the buttons).

More buttons with smaller size, do you mean this ?

As it was already pointed out, there are suggestions in the bug to fix
this. Another simple approach would be something like :

 + have a reasonable maximum size for buttons
 + only change the size of the buttons when a new button is
   added/removed (in a not too stupid way: for example, do not resize
   the buttons if there's still room for more buttons)

The fixed size respect both. When you open a window, it creates a
button of 100 pixels width (in an horizontal panel)

Each time you open a new window, it creates a 100 pixels width buttons
again, till there is no much left space.

Then it becomes to shrink each button to fit the whole size with
smaller buttons (each of the same size).

This fix the resizing problem pretty well.

Note that we need a property to set this fixed size. I don't want to
hard-code this in the source code.

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