Re: Online Desktop integration ideas

On Sun, 2007-07-22 at 17:45 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:

> I really don't grok the desire to move all my settings to a server;
> SunRay has done that for years and has gotten exactly zero traction
> with it.

Not speaking for Sun here (especially as I'm no expert on Sun Ray), but
one of the perceived limitations with current Sun Ray technology is
perhaps that it's tied to desktop-class devices...  if you could somehow
log into a Sun Ray session from your phone or your Nokia tablet as well
as a Sun Ray DTU, who knows how much more appealing it might become.
Edge services work well for a lot of things, but sometimes they're not
quite enough.

On the whole online-desktop thing generally, here's a crazy thought--
IMHO, a desktop that's well-integrated with online storage and services
should (ironically?) make the concept of a web browser pretty much
redundant.  That said, I'm still relatively underwhelmed by the prospect
of such a desktop until I can be reliably online everywhere I go, and
the internet is as fast as a hard drive... neither of which is likely to
happen anytime soon, I suspect :)


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