Online Desktop integration ideas

Greets all!

This Online Desktop concept has got me thinking. I've read the wiki page
and since this project is still in a design stage, I would like to list
some ideas about it.

(take this has a brainstorm, some ideas fit, some don't)

Craig started some technical bits at the discussion page of the wiki.
Picking up from there, let me list some other ideas:

What kind of personal data should we manage with an Online Desktop
profile? Aplication Preferences, Email, Docs ? What about ssh keys, My
Music/Movies/Pics ?

Which steps could be taken to assure privacy and secuity on remote storage
of an Online Desktop profile?

Which steps could be taken to ensure that copyrighted material doesn't get
remotely stored on a profile?

What kind of remote storage would that be, a simple file/folder structure
of /home/usr, an encrypted .tar.gz file containing /home/user, mount
/home/user using a nfs/fuse share?

Should there be an offline snapshot of the Online Desktop profile? When
should it sync, during login/logout? Should it be deleted upon logout?
Could it have options to keep offline snapshot until next reboot or for x

Online Desktop integration could start right on the login screen, read
GDM. Better yet, think integration. A user could choose a
Online Desktop account/service to login to the system.

I'm willing to develop these questions to extent of my knowledge. Feel
free to comment.

This list can also serve as a base for additional Online Desktop wiki info.

Best regards,


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