Re: Online Desktop integration ideas

On 7/22/07, Alexander Boström <abo kth se> wrote:

 sön 2007-07-22 klockan 10:26 -0400 skrev Havoc Pennington:

 I think when possible, it can be nicer to store stuff online via the
online app that edits it - e.g. store photos on Flickr, rather than
store photos in a remote filesystem or something.

 I thought OD really wasn't at all about moving the home directory to a
server, but about making the desktop integrate nicely with the services that
are already out there.

+1 for clarification on the motives/interest there.

I really don't grok the desire to move all my settings to a server;
SunRay has done that for years and has gotten exactly zero traction
with it. It seems like the least interesting part of the o-d
discussion, so it seems odd for that to be the first thing to focus
on. But then again, I'm one of the many, many millions who has solved
the problem by carrying my laptop everywhere so maybe I'm not the
target market ;)


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