Re: Cairo-1.2.6 required

On Tue, 23 Jan 2007 11:59:34 -0700, "Elijah Newren" wrote:
> for more details.  Actually, I guess I can give a precise meaning:
> "the majority of the release team members who comment on the issue are
> comfortable with it."

Thanks, that's helpful.

> Possibly, but it sounds like a stretch.  We have well over a hundred
> modules + external dependencies in the release set.  It'd be difficult
> for release team members to be expert enough in all of them to
> generate such an expectation list for each and send them to every
> module.  It'd be much easier to generate expectations for cairo by
> talking with the cairo maintainers.  I think relying on the cairo
> maintainers or module maintainers making use of cairo to start such
> conversations is the most reliable way to make sure they happen.

OK. I didn't really mean that the GNOME release team members should
know details about cairo releases. I meant more that the communication
should definitely be happening at the time of GNOME release planning.

And it looks like Behdad is doing the job of making sure communication
happens, so thanks Behdad!

> [1] Summarized version of the change in rules: new versions of modules
> must be explicitly proposed in order to increment the dependency
> instead of having letting any person bump the dependencies at any
> time.  Full details are available at:

Ah, excellent. It's good to see cairo 1.3.12 on there now.

Though I am still a bit confused as to what's going on with cairo
versions in the freedesktop-2.x.y.modules files here:

Here are the things I see:

Gnome version	cairo version
2.16.1		1.2.4
2.16.2		1.2.6
2.16.3		1.2.6

That much looks just fine. Cairo 1.2.6 fixed a lot of bugs that 1.2.4
had, so it's good the change was made. But here's where I'm lost:

Gnome version	cairo version
2.17.1		1.2.4
2.17.2		1.2.4
2.17.3		1.3.6
2.17.4		1.2.6
2.17.5		1.2.4
2.17.90		1.2.4

Can you explain what's happening there? It looks like GNOME is
regressing into old cairo versions with lots of known bugs.

Meanwhile, I'd really like to see GNOME people testing recent cairo
snapshots, (such as 1.3.12), so we can have as much assurance as
possible that the things that GNOME cares about get fixed before cairo
makes a 1.4 release.



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