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On Tue, 23 Jan 2007 10:33:57 -0700, "Elijah Newren" wrote:
> On 1/23/07, Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas broadpark no> wrote:
> > tir, 23.01.2007 kl. 00.00 +0000, skrev Chris Wilson:
> > > To quote,
> > > "Oh, this isn't the stupid -= 4 bug is it?"
> > > "If it's the bug we're thinking, then 1.2.6 should fix it."
> > >
> > > The suggestion is to update them minimum version of cairo required to
> > > 1.2.6 in
> > >

First, the above is an essential minimal step. Cairo 1.2.4 does have
lots of known fatal bugs, and 1.2.6 should be a very safe change,
(compared to 1.2.4 it differs only in cherry-picked bug fixes).

> > I think we're really aiming to use cairo 1.4.x for GNOME 2.18.x so it
> > would make more sense to update the dep to 1.3.12 which is the latest
> > snapshot.
> We are?  If the timeline is far enough ahead of GNOME 2.18.0 and
> doesn't introduce any big issues for us, I'm all in favor of it, but I
> just hadn't heard what the timeline for cairo 1.4.x is or heard anyone
> proposing it?
>  Maybe Carl could comment?

What's "far enough ahead of GNOME 2.18.0" mean precisely?

As for upstream cairo plans, we have been working to have a cairo 1.4
release that GNOME could pick up for 2.18. Back in mid November, (when
the first big wave of cairo performance improvements landed), we
talked about when 1.4 should happen, looked at the GNOME 2.18 roadmap
and guessed that if we got 1.4 out in January 2007 that GNOME would be
able to pick that up. So that's what we've had on our roadmap since

	(I apologize that our web server seems to be handing that file
	out without indicating a proper encoding---please set your
	browser to view it as UTF-8 to see it properly.)

Since then, we've continued to make very good progress through the
cairo 1.3.x snapshots (primarily improving performance, but adding a
little API and fixing some bugs as well). And I think things are
shaping up nicely. Of course, "January 2007" is almost gone at this
point, so more recently I did send out a message describing the last
few things I'd like to get in before we call 1.4 done:

That list might look pretty long and capable of causing slips forever,
but I'm prepared to drop items from that list if they're holding us up
from a timely release. The only items that I really wouldn't like to
see get dropped are:

	* Resolve list getters API, (just needs a thumbs-up)

	* Fix selection of text in PDF, (a patch exists)

	* Fix PDF to not use image fallbacks for gradients (a patch

So those three should be quite reasonable to finish off in a week or
so. The rest of the items on my 1.4 list are things that would indeed
be nice to have in 1.4.0, but we can just put them in an incremental
1.4.2 once they're ready.

So how does that status look compared to what GNOME 2.18.0 needs?

And in the future, how can cairo work more closely with GNOME to
coordinate things like this? For example, you said nobody had proposed
cairo 1.4 for GNOME 2.18. How do those proposals happen? Should that
be us from cairo making the proposal?

What I think I would love to see is GNOME saying to cairo, "We've got
a 2.xx release coming up, and we'd love to see a cairo that had A, B,
and C in it for that. We'd need that by month Quintilis.  Doable?".

Think we could get something like that out of GNOME release planning


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