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Hi dobey;

Sorry, your previous message had gotten lost in the shuffle. I really do appreciate the fact that you've kept accessibility in mind when working on gnome-main-menu.

That said, I'd feel much happier about things if two things happened - first, the orca and gok teams need to provide some feedback on the user experience using gnome-main-menu with those ATs. Since the GOK team in particular is under-resourced at the moment, any testing with GOK in non-corepointer mode which you can do would be extremely helpful.

Accessibility testing scripts are nice, but in the end what matters is the user experience using ATs with the app. Scripts can highlight problems and potential problems, but they don't really give much assurance that the end-to-end solution will work for blind users or users who can't use a keyboard.

That leads to the 'second thing' which I think needs to happen before any new desktop technology is included in the desktop: some sort of 'sanity testing' with five or more user 'scenarios' (not unlike personas, specifically chosen with accessibility needs in mind). Such sanity tests should be along the lines of the ones on the Gnome Accessibility Project website [1]

   * Accessibility Test Suite: Overview
     - (26-June-2004)
   * GNOME Accessibility Test Suite: Details
     - (26-June-2004)

while these tests are old (I think inside Sun we have updated them a bit), they show the basic ideas and would serve to introduce the user scenarios which give good accessibility/AT coverage. Note that the above docs reference some test specs which are kept in cvs, so that they can be kept up-to-date for community use.

Best regards,


[1] I know, we need to migrate this to

Rodney Dawes wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 17:44 +0000, Bill Haneman wrote:
Since there was a lot of a11y work in the existing menu code, I doubt that g-m-m would "just work" for all of our a11y scenarios without bugfixes/tweaks.

Can you explain those scenarios? As I said in a previous reply, I spent
a lot of time making a11y in the main-menu work. If there are specific
scenarios that we need to check for, then we should get those formalized
into a test suite somewhere, and get the tests run on all our apps.

-- dobey

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