Re: Proposed module: gnome-main-menu

On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 18:55 +0000, Iain * wrote:
> On 1/9/07, Steve Frécinaux <nudrema gmail com> wrote:
> > -1 too.
> >
> > It's of no use, and worse than other ways of achieving the same
> > functionnalities.
> Its much quicker for different ways of working with menus. I no longer
> have to hoke through menus to find what I want, and using a trackpad I
> often have issues with menus disappearing or the wrong one opening.
> > (Note that I don't have beagle, and that beagle is not
> > part of GNOME anyway)
> Whats this got to do with anything? Seems a silly strawman arguement.
> >
> > So, a few rants (using gmm from edgy, sorry if it has changed since):
> >
> >    - "favourite apps" seems limited to 6.
> I've got 8 in it currently.

How did you get it?

The first time when I add launchers it can show all of them.  But,
for the next session only are shown the first 6, even there are
mora launchers selected.

> > But I use:
> >      - xchat-irc, gajim, liferea and such daily
> >      - epiphany, thunderbird, devhelp, gedit, terminal, matlab, pepito,
> >        "home folder" every now.
> >      So that makes obviously more than 6, and those are more easily and
> >      quickly available from launchers in the panel. One less click.
> Thats 10. I've just added another load of applications to my menu, its
> now got 12.
> I can only imagine how much panel space 12 application launchers would take up.
> *shrug* I don't think its much of an arguement against it.

I tried the same as Steve, because load 'More applications' feels a lot
slower, not because its stylistic.

> >    - "places" is very limited (contains only "computer", "network",
> >      "home" and "cd burner"). Places menu allows me to access all my
> >      local bookmarks and remote locations with one click and, at worst,
> >      one submenu.
> As has been mentioned before having a Places menu might help here.
> The rest of your complaints are really stylistic issues.

At least to me, IMVHO, more than a stylistic issue looks to me as an
usability issue.

Germán Poó-Caamaño
Concepción - Chile

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