Re: New Control Centre

On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 13:00 -0500, JP Rosevear wrote:
> right and put them in sqlite then
> > category list is simply:
> > 
> > select distinct category from applications
> So you propose to take:
> 		<Menu>
> 			<Name>VideoPlayer</Name>
> 			<Directory></Directory>
> 			<Include>
> 				<Category>Audio</Category>
> 				<And>
> 				<Category>AudioVideo</Category>
> 				<Category>Player</Category>
> 				<Category>Video</Category>
> 				<Not><Category>X-SuSE-Jukebox</Category></Not>
> 				</And>
> 			</Include>
> 			<Exclude>
> 				<Filename>realplay.desktop</Filename>
> 			</Exclude>
> 		</Menu>
> put VideoPlayer as a category in the applications table?  I suppose that
> would work, but when it comes to displaying, you'll have to stick it all
> in memory anyhow.

You could do that or optimally you could have three tables:

Applications: AppID (primary key), Name(localised), Exec, Icon... etc

Categories: CatID (primary key), Name

ApplicationCategories: AppID, CatID with both fields forming a composite
primary key

A few simple joins will enable you to do everything simply and quickly
with minimal memory usage

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