Re: [pygtk] Python 3.0 plans

Fernando San Mart�Woerner wrote:
El mi�29-08-2007 a las 23:36 +0200, Andi Albrecht escribi�
2007/8/29, Johan Dahlin <johan gnome org>:

Hi Johan and all,

in general I think it is a very good idea to port PyGTK to Python 3.x
as soon as possible. The api must not be stable with the fist alpha
release, but it need to be stable at least with one of the first
betas. We'll have to port a bunch of things: First of all the
bindings, but the examples and maybe the documentations too.

On the other hand, please don't forget win32 port, for many developers
are very relevant too!
PyGTK is already ported and works fine under win32, the missing piece of the puzzle is binary distribution which is something neither GNOME or PyGTK traditionally are willing to do. Interested parties needs to step up and work on a solution. Most developers of PyGTK do not have access to a windows development environment.


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