Re: cleaning up keyrings

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> I guess my simpler API suggestion amounts to "the same API currently
> used for network password, but with varargs for the properties so it
> can be used for any set of lookup properties"
> So, I could have just said that I guess, sorry for the longer mail.
> The varargs are more convenient even for network password I think,
> because functions with tons of args are a pain to use - you have to
> keep carefully checking back to the header to be sure you have the
> right args in the right order. Especially when a bunch of them are

We can add something like this for 2.22.

Sadly the protocol between the daemon and library has been abused by
binding authors [1], but I don't think any of these changes would need
to affect the protocol.

Stef Walter


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