Re: Python 3.0 plans

<quote who="Johan Dahlin">

> Python 3.0 is the current development focus of the Python community.
> It is different from the old 2.x series in the sense that it will not be 
> backwards compatible with the old python releases.

> All the python bindings needs to be ported over to the new C Python API.
> We'd like to take this opportunity to clean up a bit of the cruft we
> collected during the years of strict backwards compatibility.

> What I'd like to  propose is a to branch of pygobject and pygtk to a
> python-3 branch where backwards compatibly can be broken.

I think this is entirely reasonable, and won't be a huge surprise to hackers
adopting the new language platform. It's not like you're knowingly breaking
compatibility just to use a new feature; all software will have to be ported

> The current version of the python bindings will be maintained as long as
> there is interest in the Python 2.x platform. But maintenance will
> eventually cease as the general focus moves over to Python 3.x.

Looks like distros will be shipping both for a while. :-) I hope Canonical's
Python fetish results in some porting assistance, as I doubt they'll want to
ship both for very long if they don't have to.

- Jeff

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