Re: Proposed external dependency: libnotify

On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 12:51:22AM -0700, Christian Hammond wrote:
> I would love to get libsexy's widgets bundled into GTK+, but that will
> require some extensions to widgets such as GtkEntry and GtkLabel to allow
> subclasses to better hook into the PangoLayouts of the widgets (by providing
> a signal indicating that the layout has been created and can now be
> modified). This would get rid of some of the hacks we have to use in
> libsexy, which would increase the chances of getting into GTK+. Any help
> would be appreciated here.

> widespread they both are these days? Or just allow libsexy and use that as
> motivation to getting GTK+ in shape to be able to include its widgets?

An item called "libsexy cherrypicking" has been on the list of features
for GTK+ 2.12, but unfortunately didn't make it.  If anybody wants to
pick up the ball on this, and create a patch against GTK+ that adds the
most useful libsexy features (I am thinking of things like adding an
icon inside GtkEntry, etc) to GTK+, that would be great.



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