Re: gnome desktop integration library

Il giorno mar, 05/09/2006 alle 16.43 +0200, Rodrigo Moya ha scritto:
> Hi
> The number of libraries in the GNOME platform (official or not) is too
> high, IMO. And, for the integration of SLED10's slab thing into
> control-center that we're working on (subscribe to gnomecc-list if you
> want to participate in the discussion, please), we need to add two more
> libraries.


> So, what do people think? should we start merging -menus and -desktop
> into this library?

As others have already said, a gnome-integration library which allows a
situation where a typical gnome application would depend on something
like glib, gtk, and gnome-integration-library getting rid of the legacy
libs like libgnome, libgnomeui, libbonobo etc is a good idea.

However I think we should be careful in creating a new 'catch all'
library and repeat errors made in the past: why should all the gnome
programs depend on a gnome-menu library or on an applets api when 99% of
them don't need it?

As already seen with libgnome another problem with putting heterogeneus
stuff in a single lib is that if something in it is replaced/deprecated
we have to keep it around forever... e.g. all gnome apps still
indirectly use libbonoboui even if they don't need it because of
GnomeApp etc in libgnomeui.

My opinion is that a gnome-integration lib is a great idea, but we
should keep it lightweight and only put stuff useful to all the apps in
there: obvious candidates are a replacement for gnome_display_help and
the session-management stuff.


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