gnome desktop integration library


The number of libraries in the GNOME platform (official or not) is too
high, IMO. And, for the integration of SLED10's slab thing into
control-center that we're working on (subscribe to gnomecc-list if you
want to participate in the discussion, please), we need to add two more

So, one thing that has been on my mind for long is to get those small
libraries and merge them together (when it makes sense, of course) into
a high-level GNOME desktop integration library.

To start with, I would like to ask people about the merging of
gnome-desktop and gnome-menus into that high-level library. They serve
similar purposes (dealing with .desktop files and the directories
containing them) and it makes no sense to have them separated.

When the library grows, we could separate it into different .so's, but
still being distributed in the same module makes a lot of sense, so that
we can tell people to use this library if they want to integrate their
apps into the GNOME desktop.

We could add lots of things into this library, like the panel-applet
thing (nothing more gnome-desktop-integration-oriented than this) or
whatever, but I'll leave this discussion for later.

So, what do people think? should we start merging -menus and -desktop
into this library?
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>

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