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On 6/25/06, Glenn J. Mason <glennji gmail com> wrote:
Snip my original message:

Yeah, what happened to Dashboard?  The last update on the weblog is the end
of 2003.  I love the idea of "persistent real time information display",
like Beagle search but fed a stream of cluepackets.  Was it just too much
overhead on the system or something?

I have no 'inside information' but I remember reading that it's
development was stalled in order to allow Beagle (which Dashboard will
use a lot) to be completed.

Beagle search that is cleverly targeted at the files currently
selected in Nautilus is exactly the type of thing I was thinking about
for the sidebar - providing 'Files edited at a similar time and of the
same type as this' and 'Files containing the title of this document' -
or even 'GAIM conversations about this' in the sidebar

The idea would be that Beagle Search could be one engine for the
sidebar - and many other things could be used along side it IF

Who, have you seen Nautilus Actions[1]?  It's a way to offer a similar thing
in the right-click menu, but perhaps there could be a Nautilus Actions
sidebar too?

I do use Nautilus actions - but I feel that it is not perfect because
* It can only display static menu entries (as far as I know) - no
query based items or previews or other things like that.
* Having many options makes the menus too large/complicated and makes
it harder to get to the other context menu functions
* The need to right click makes it less intuitive for new users

The link I sent mentioned having a Nautilus Actions engine for the
sidebar design I am suggesting/asking about - I think it would be
great :)

Thanks for the feedback,


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