Nautilus Sidebar

Hello List,

A quick introduction before my main email:
I am a gap-year student in the UK, with a year long job placement. I
write automation software for Windows applications but have no Linux
programming experience beyond compiling other people's code - I am
keen to change this as soon as I am not programming all day at work
and a little bit less busy afterwards. I am very interested in UI
design and use only free software at home. I've been reading the list
about 5 months now...

So, take my suggestions in the light of that description.

Ultimately, I'd like opinions on the idea of adding search, MIME-type
specific actions and preview functionality to Nautilus' Sidebar. The
idea is to present fewer options on screen by only presenting what is
relevant to what the user is doing.


There I suggest an implementation that would hopefully require adding
very few extra dependencies to Nautilus by having a 'container' in
Nautilus that can display results from different engines.

Broadly I think this is a similar idea, but not design, to Project
Dashboard ( - though I don't know that they have
any intentions to integrate into Nautilus

I eagerly await any feedback you have relating to the idea itself, the
feasibility of the way I suggested doing it, or anything else related
to this.

Thanks in advance


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