Re: Nautilus Sidebar

Ultimately, I'd like opinions on the idea of adding search, MIME-type
specific actions and preview functionality to Nautilus' Sidebar. The
idea is to present fewer options on screen by only presenting what is
relevant to what the user is doing.

Broadly I think this is a similar idea, but not design, to Project
Dashboard ( - though I don't know that they have
any intentions to integrate into Nautilus

Yeah, what happened to Dashboard?  The last update on the weblog is the end of 2003.  I love the idea of "persistent real time information display", like Beagle search but fed a stream of cluepackets.  Was it just too much overhead on the system or something?

Who, have you seen Nautilus Actions[1]?  It's a way to offer a similar thing in the right-click menu, but perhaps there could be a Nautilus Actions sidebar too?


Glenn J. Mason - "Glennji"
Happy hacking!

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