Re: Gnome 2.14 default logoff dialog and diskmounter-applet

On 13/06/06, Rousseau de Pantalon <rdepantalon gmail com> wrote:
 Also, about the Disk Mounter Applet: Please revert to pre-2.10 or rip it
 This applet contradicts almost all Gnome HIG-guides: to begin with most
important guideline: being useful.
 It hurts Gnome's increasing usability at a time where easy management of
devices like flash-memory and music-players put-in
 much weight on Desktop Experience. Especially for newbies like my grandma.

 I installed the pre-2.10 version of the applet made available by John
Ellis: Thanx John !

Could you elaborate about which aspects of the drive mounter you find
to be problematic?  The current design should be a lot more effective
with hotplugable hardware, since you don't need to configure separate
applets for each drive.

Furthermore, the new applet works better with the rest of the desktop:
1. it can see all the drives that Nautilus can
2. it can unmount a volume even when a Nautilus window is open for the volume.

If it is missing drives, that would mean that Nautilus can't see those
drives in its "computer" view either.  This would be a bug to fix in
gnome-vfs (which would fix both the drive mounter and Nautilus).


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