Re: Proposal to add Orca to GNOME 2.16

Hi All:

We (the Orca team) have been very busy the past few weeks and would like
to provide more status of where we are with respect to the proposal to
include Orca in GNOME 2.16.  I believe we have implemented the missing
features in Orca that are present in Gnopernicus, and we've also done a
fair amount of stability and testing work.  

We've also broached the subject of including Orca in GNOME 2.16 on
orca-list gnome org   The discussion thread can be found here:

We've received positive feedback thus far (public and private),
including the following message from Baum, the maintainer of

as well as the following from the Ubuntu accessibility team:

I believe we are on track here, and we are definitely committed to the
effort.  With the exception of carrying on a discussion on
desktop-devel-list gnome org, the proposal/acceptance process is still a
mystery to me.  I'd like to make sure we are not missing something
really big here, and I'm curious about what other barriers to adoption
may exist for getting Orca into GNOME 2.16.  We will work hard to
address the issues that arise.


(Orca project lead)

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