Re: Proposal to add Orca to GNOME 2.16

On 6/6/06, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com> wrote:
We've received positive feedback thus far (public and private),
including the following message from Baum, the maintainer of

That email pretty much looks like the clincher to me; it looks to me
like it resolves the only big issue I remember anyone bringing up.

I believe we are on track here, and we are definitely committed to the
effort.  With the exception of carrying on a discussion on
desktop-devel-list gnome org, the proposal/acceptance process is still a
mystery to me.  I'd like to make sure we are not missing something
really big here, and I'm curious about what other barriers to adoption
may exist for getting Orca into GNOME 2.16.  We will work hard to
address the issues that arise.

Thanks for your awesome work.  We've kind of sucked at getting the
proposed modules all listed.  Could you go to and add orca (and, if
you have time, the other proposed modules)?  We should start getting
those into the modulesets going out with releases and doing a better
job of verifying the build and so forth (though I'm betting GARNOME is
ahead in the game and has them included, which would be cool).

As per the schedule at, the
"Module inclusion discussion heats up" on the week of July 12th.  I
can't imagine why orca wouldn't make it at this point, as it looks
like you've already addressed any potential issues that could come up.
But if you want to be on the safe side, just watch your d-d-l email
that week and if any additional issues about orca are brought up you
can address them.

Hope that helps,

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