Re: Tomboy in Desktop

On Mon, 24 Jul 2006, David Nielsen wrote:

> man, 24 07 2006 kl. 19:49 +0100, skrev Jamie McCracken:
> > I dont doubt that but FWIW when it comes to adding Tracker to gnome
> > 2.18, I would like notes to be added as a first class object and stored
> > in Tracker's DB. Tracker already makes it easy to add tagging,
> > extensible metadata and linking to other objects so adding such support
> > to sticky notes (and Tomboy too if maintainer allows) is one way of
> > improving things in that regard. Im not commiting myself to fixing all
> > your gripes in sticky notes just giving it a bit of tracker power that
> > will hopefully make them more manageable and powerful.
> I have no gripe with sticky notes,

Doesn't sound like it.  You are advocating it be removed and the Tomboy
author is not.

> Sticky Notes comes no where near it and bringing it to the same state
> would take a lot of hard and pointless work.

It is all too easy to disregard all the work put into more peripheral
tasks or documentation and ongoing maintainance.

APIs get deprecated, but applications get removed entirely.
Sometimes the option to keep using what you were happy with really is
better than having to learn a new different application.

> Merely adding spell checking (and I agree we should have a common spell
> checking API and HIG spec but that aside) and stuffing it in Tracker
> (which isn't an option TODAY as tracker is nowhere near ready either, by
> your own admission the plan for proposal is 2.18) won't magically make
> it Tomboy.

I'm not suggesting Sticky Notes be made tomboy but the whole process of
removing older applications bothers me.  I'd like to see them
frozen/deprecated in some way and remain available and then maybe removed
at some major milestone or at least after a few releases.  This really has
nothing to do with Tomboy, I felt similarly strongly about keeping
gnome-cd-player when sound juicer was proposed.

> Tomboy is the product of innovation, it works well and is stable. I see
> no reason to not include it what so ever. I don't really see a reason to
> keep Sticky Notes either,

Stability for those who do use it.  Why force users to change?  Dont try
to assume you know best.

Alan H.

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