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<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

>  * Should we include Tomboy in the Desktop suite? (completely
>    independently from the fact that it uses Gtk#/Mono)


Here's my point of view, completely independent from the fact that Tomboy is
built with Gtk#/Mono. Here it is in point form, because I seem to be doing
pretty well with it:

 * Without a doubt, Tomboy is pure awesome.

 * Alex says that Tomboy doesn't replace Sticky Notes, he doesn't really
   want to migrate Sticky Notes data into Tomboy, and that Tomboy and Sticky
   Notes suit different use cases.

 * In my experience, users perceive Tomboy and Sticky Notes to fulfill the
   same (or similar) function.

 * We need a thrilling ecosystem of software that "Works With GNOME!"

 * We don't have to integrate *everything* into the Desktop suite. That was
   never its purpose. The Desktop suite is all about the OOTB (out of the
   box) desktop user experience.

 * "Innovation" doesn't have to be jammed into the Desktop suite because we
   haven't found anywhere else to put it. We have to curtail this idea that
   the Desktop suite is the be-all and end-all of GNOME.

 * If Alex wants to adopt the GNOME release cycle and strategy for Tomboy,
   that's *fantastic*... but we can approach that differently.

 * Let's give our users the ability to discover and cherish awesome third
   party software for GNOME. If we suck the known universe into the Desktop
   suite, our users won't be able to have that experience.

 * This is *not* meant to disenfranchise Tomboy or Alex, or make it seem as
   if Tomboy is a 'second class citizen' - far from it. Tomboy can be one of
   the first targets for us to fix that perception. "Be GNOME", not "Be in


- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
   "The ability to procrastinate is what separates us from the machines."
                     - Chris Gregory, Desktop Magazine

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