Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review


Le jeudi 09 f�ier 2006 �0:54 +0100, Paolo Borelli a �it :
> Now my gripes:
> - the dialog is IMHO a bit ugly: it's very small and most importantly it 
> doesn't have the HIG suggested 4:3 width/height ratio (especially the 
> shutdown one)

Nod. I can fill it with some text :-) Or maybe add some \n in the title?

> - the  timeout of death :). I see from your response that this is 
> supposed as a way to quit with just one click, but is this really 
> useful? Does anyone really waits 60 seconds staring at it? Would people 
> in a lab just let the contdown run and go away from the pc? What if 
> after the time runs out the logout an app with unsaved docs pops up a 
> confimation dialog?
> Most importantly is it just me or having a countown gives to the user a 
> sense of anxiety? Reminds me of "This message will autodestroy in..." :)

Note that I can quickly disable this stuff if necessary, but it has to
happen before the next release.

Doesn't happen to me since the counter is not starting at 10 seconds.
However, you're right about the unsaved docs... Hrm. I'll think a bit
more about it.

> - it's a "simple" dialog: I know many pimped this direction as a 
> feature, but personally I don't agree. Shutting down it's a very 
> peculiar operation and we want to get all the attention to it. It 
> doesn't make any sense to do any other thing while you are shutting 
> down. I liked how the old dialog shaded all the desktop or how in 
> Windows the rest of the desktop becomes black&white: it communicates 
> very well that you are doing an irreversible operation

The old stuff is broken, IMHO. Open gedit and type some stuff. Logout.
Notice how it nicely fades everything out. Confirm. Fading has to go
away because the user has to tell gedit what he wants to do.

There might be some other way of doing something like this, but I
couldn't find it :-)


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