Re: requesting official list of modules and versions for GNOME 2.14

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006 15:50:35 +0800, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 08:27:43AM +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> > So, we (the release team) seriously sucked on this. We're having a
> > meeting on Friday to take some decisions.
> Thanks, Vincent. Can we also get a list of versions the release-team
> intends to choose for gtk-engines, gnome-icon-theme, GLib and Pango?

While we're at it, can the definitive version of GStreamer also be
discussed? A month ago, it was decided to go with 0.10 in the
prereleases while we wait for the maintainers to fix the regressions.
Christian (according to my archive) proposed to check back in a month to
see how it was progressing. It'd be nice to get a list of regressions
fixed from the maintainers.

As far as I know, compared to my previous email [1]:
+ .sub files as subtitles for .avi files now work
+ nautilus properties page works
+ gnome-media's sound recorder now records in all listed formats
+ I think most cases of getting multiple error dialogs or no error
dialogs were fixed (according to bugzilla)
- asf and multi-language .mkv/.ogm files still don't play, .mpg
functionality is still heavily limited although basic playback works
- subtitles embedded in movies (.mkv, .ogm, dvds) still don't work
- language selection (audio tracks, subtitles) still doesn't work
- dvds/vcds still don't work
- thumbnailer is still broken
- firefox plugin still doesn't playback most formats
- gnome-media's sound recorder still doesn't playback
- for every cvs up of gstreamer, my totem (or any app) still takes >10s
to startup with no visual feedback


[1] for those who didn't read it: "I ran a quick regression analysis on
the few GStreamer modules that I could quickly get to build (totem plus
all subparts, gnome-media). Summary of results: totem does some good
things and also does not do some things, it has quite many regressions
(as Christian already mentioned). The mozilla plugin and nautilus
properties pages are completely broken. The thumbnailer sometimes works
and sometimes not. GNOME-media: most apps (gnome-cd, gst-mixer) work
fine (no regressions), g-s-r only works for some formats (surprisingly,
vorbis didn't work) and playback is completely broken. Conclusion: I
leave that open." (Jan 15th, 2006)

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