Re: Design by Community

<quote who="Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller">

> > I was not talking exclusively about Novell, Xgl, or the new panel
> > applet. I was talking about a serious problem in our community, and the
> > destructive ideas, memes and role models that support it.
> Isn't what we got here exactly what has been asked for? That 'big' changes
> to GNOME needs to come from 'outside' projects? Havoc for instance was
> advocating that in his blog entries.

Sure, but do we all agree with that? Is that the best way forward for GNOME?

> If we want to get (back) to a situation where more gung-ho stuff happens
> in our core modules I think we need to do a couple of things. Like
> increase module maintainers freedom again (at the cost of the release team
> for instance)

There is very little cost of maintainer freedom associated with the release
team. The whole process is seriously optimised for maintaining that freedom
*and* making sure their work gets into the hands of users. That said, where
improvements could be made, r-t has always been open to them. Let them know
what sucks!

- Jeff

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