Re: Design by Community

<quote who="John Williams">

> I take Jeff's point as well, although personally I would not have put it
> in such emotive terms.

I put it in emotive terms because *someone* has to offset all the hugging
and back-slapping about Dan's mail. All this positivity about a mail that
basically says "this community shit is too hard! fuck it!", and just puts
that meme right back in centre square. Nat and Miguel blogging about it as
if it were an epiphany. Those two form some kind of leadership perspective
in GNOME, and look at what they're cheering about...

Deeply unimpressed.

- Jeff

FOSDEM 2006: Brussels, Belgium          
    "From my observation, when it comes to porting Linux to a particular
           device, a point doesn't appear to be necessary." - mpt

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