Re: Design by Community

> I put it in emotive terms because *someone* has to offset all the
> hugging and back-slapping about Dan's mail.

Er. Yeah well.

Anyway, I just reread Jono's original message and corresponding blog post
again, and it still seems to me that he was talking solely about the GNOME-
UI-related stuff in NLD10 (ie, the new panel menu replacement), and that's
what I assumed we were all talking about when I replied. But it seems to
me now that everyone other than me (and possibly Jono) is actually
talking about Xgl, and I have no comment on that.

(OTOH, if you really were saying that Novell's writing a replacement
for the panel menu was "commons-sapping, community-tearing, morally and
intellectually lazy", then by all means, let me know so I can write a
suitably rude reply. :)

-- Dan

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