Re: NLD10 and GNOME

On 2/7/06, Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com> wrote:
> Hey,
> > Here's a heart felt thank you from one person for avoiding this.  :)
> > However, that seems to apply more to e.g. the panel changes.  I'm
> > curious about the joint window-manager/compositing manager ("compiz")
> > you were working on as it sounds like duplication of Soeren's work and
> > something that largely wouldn't be affected by the bike shed stuff, at
> > least not if the work & discussion were restricted to the core gl part
> > excluding plugins.
> My understanding while talking to David Reveman this past week was that
> the complexity of keeping a compositing manager as a separate process
> from the window manager was too high (too much bookkeeping that made it
> error prone, and there were some fundamental problems that he could not
> solve).
> So some time ago he abandoned his effort to patch Metacity and have a
> separate composition manager, reduced the complexity and eliminated a
> lot of bugs and the source of these bugs.

Right, but this sounds similar to what Soeren did/is doing -- he's
building a compositing manager inside metacity, and has merged many of
the changes into head now (this is disabled by default, though).

So, we have two merged window manager + compositing manager codebases
now.  My question is whether and how we can merge these.

> That is what David explained to me, but I can only understand about 50%
> of the technical stuff that he talks about, so keep that in mind.

Yeah, I don't know the technical details of the compositing side
either (I've been meaning to help out with it at some point, but
there's so many other bugs to fix...).  I guess we just need Soeren
and David to get together and figure it out.  :)

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