Re: NLD10 and GNOME


> Here's a heart felt thank you from one person for avoiding this.  :) 
> However, that seems to apply more to e.g. the panel changes.  I'm
> curious about the joint window-manager/compositing manager ("compiz")
> you were working on as it sounds like duplication of Soeren's work and
> something that largely wouldn't be affected by the bike shed stuff, at
> least not if the work & discussion were restricted to the core gl part
> excluding plugins.  

My understanding while talking to David Reveman this past week was that
the complexity of keeping a compositing manager as a separate process
from the window manager was too high (too much bookkeeping that made it
error prone, and there were some fundamental problems that he could not

So some time ago he abandoned his effort to patch Metacity and have a
separate composition manager, reduced the complexity and eliminated a
lot of bugs and the source of these bugs.

That is what David explained to me, but I can only understand about 50%
of the technical stuff that he talks about, so keep that in mind.


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