Re: control-center 2.13.90 released

On 2/2/06, Rodney Dawes <dobey novell com> wrote:
> > If the hope is to change it back when things get faster then this current
> > change is inflicting unnecessary software churn on users.
> The hope is to fix all of the problems. Not following the HIG is
> something that I would consider a problem. I fixed the dialog to follow
> the HIG.

Rotely following the HIG (rotely following any guidelines) because
they are guidelines, instead of working to fix underlying problems, is
the height of idiocy. Or laziness. Or both.

Luis (thinking maybe the HIG should have a note: 'If your software
used to be fast enough for 'OK', and now it isn't, you should get out
the profiler and fix the performance instead of getting out glade.' Or
maybe the first page of the HIG should say, in bold print, 'Fix the
problem, not the symptom.' I'd say it should say 'don't be an idiot'
but maybe that isn't clear enough.)

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