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I think that at the moment, the SVN is all that should really be
considered. Quite simply, we already had this discussion, and we decided
that after a cost-benefit analysis, SVN was the way to go. Now this
doesn't rule out later migration to git or a distributed system, but for
2 days from now, its a svn migration going down, and its really not a
good time to change that, as SVN offers some major improvements over
CVS, and at the moment we are looking at a somewhat painless migration.

That being said, I am a huge fan of git, and distributed systems in
general, and would not object to there being a discussion of moving the
gnome development system (as a whole) to a permanent distributed system.

However, to fill the gap for all those who have a distributed RCS
fetish, check out SVK, and bzr can pull/push to/from svn, just work your
project that way and keep svn up to date with your changes.

Kevin Kubasik

Danilo Šegan wrote:
> Today at 22:44, Germán Poó Caamaño wrote:
>>> This would encourage developers to use non-central repositories, thus
>>> making work of non-developers (think translators, artists,
>>> documentors) much harder.  In other words, GNOME "subprojects" would
>>> not be able to work with those other repositories as easily as with
>>> the main CVS/SVN one.
>> That is a big misunderstanding about how it works.  Using a distributed
>> source system doesn't mean that doesn't exist any central ('main')
>> repository.
> You misunderstood the point.  Some developers would be using GIT,
> others would be using bzr, yet others Mercurial.  And anothers would
> stick with SVN or CVS or something else altogether.
> And you want translators, who often have problems with understanding
> PO file and CVS command syntax itself, to cope with all of these?  At
> the same time?  Or documentors who constantly mess up DocBook tags?
> (it's not because they are stupid, it's because they are good at what
> they do: translate, document, draw, etc.)
> If the point is not yet clear:
>     Choose *ONE* RCS GNOME-wide, and stick with it
> I am not saying they are any worse or better than SVN (actually, I
> know they are better, except for the fact that SVN usage is so similar
> to CVS that it'll be easier to migrate both developers and
> non-developers to it).
>> Moreover, it can works the same way it has been working until now.
>> The big difference is any contributor can have his or her own copy
>> of the repository (as usual) but the whole history.
> Not really, if you have to handle both GIT and SVN.  And then add bzr,
> mercurial, darcs into the mix.
> And don't forget to think of our poor sysadmin team as well, who would
> have to maintain central servers for all of these.
> Gnome servers should provide enough infrastructure to help develop
> Gnome and related software.  We should not aim for project hosting
> services, imo (we simply don't have the "resources" to do that).
> Cheers,
> Danilo
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