Re: policy request: 'make uninstall' should work

Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. writes:
> Thank you, Andrew. I will file the appropriate bug reports. 
> As a maintainer of the GARNOME project, I find 'make uninstall' to be a
> necessary feature when exercising updates. Installing a later version of
> an application on top of an earlier installed version is just asking for
> trouble.

As a package maintainer, I would like to see stronger requirement: All
releases of packages with Automake based build system should be verified
with Automake's target "make distcheck". It verifies much more things.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
software developer
SuSE CR, s. r. o.                             e-mail: sbrabec suse cz
Drahobejlova 27                               tel: +420 296 542 382
190 00 Praha 9                                fax: +420 296 542 374
Czech Republic                      

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