Re: policy request: 'make uninstall' should work

Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. wrote:
Is that a polite way of saying that it is a policy that 'make uninstall'
should work in order for an app to be hosted by f.g.o?

That sort of policy would be fairly unenforcable. The point of is to distribute components of the GNOME suite - although we do try to enforce quality assurance on applications that are part of GNOME, it's not done by blanket conditions that prevent a tarball upload if they're not met.

If an application does not support "make uninstall" it's a bug. Just like if it crashes on Ubuntu systems, or doesn't translate it's custom text to different languages. The difference is that it gets tested less often and by fewer people.

So if you see an application doing this, file a bug - and the maintainer will probably try to fix it.


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