Re: Moving to *Avahi* over howl

On Tue, 20.09.05 11:48, Alexander Larsson (alexl redhat com) wrote:

> Adding a new library for something like this does cause a form of bloat,
> both in build complexity and the need to load/link more libraries.
> Adding it to an existing library is complex since that would add more
> dependencies to that library which isn't always very nice.
> Who would design and write it? Who would maintain it?

I think Davyd is already working on it and is going to maintain it too.
> My guess is that the best people to do this are the people writing
> Avahi, but I doubt they are interested in doing this work (as its really
> just a way to not use their Avahi APIs). Maybe we can get someone else
> to write and maintain it, but its not like we have an infinite supply of
> people to do duplicate work.

Right. We, the Avahi developers, will certainly not maintain it, since
we have not much interest in HOWL/Rendezvous.


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