Re: Moving to *Avahi* over howl

On Fri, 16.09.05 14:21, James Henstridge (james jamesh id au) wrote:

> Alex Graveley wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone have any sort of convincing argument as to why an API
> > abstraction in this case is *needed*?
> >
> > ("I like abstractions" is not an argument.)
> Alternatively:
> If an abstraction is required, is Avahi's dbus interface a suitable
> abstraction?

I doubt this a good idea. Avahi's DBUS interface reflects what Avahi
is capable of and is in no way a generic DNS-SD API. In fact, Avahi is
more powerful than either Howl or the Bonjour in many
respects. Writing a bridge to access Howl/Bonjour via that DBUS API
would be exceptionally kludgy if not impossible.

For a abstraction layer you need some kind of least common
denominator, which is not what Avahi is about.

It's like using the POSIX API (including fork()) as an abstraction
layer for operating systems like MS-DOS.


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