Re: Moving to *Avahi* over howl

On Mon, 19.09.05 11:16, JP Rosevear (jpr novell com) wrote:

> On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 15:57 +0100, Jono Bacon wrote:
> > On 9/16/05, Lennart Poettering <mztabzr 0pointer de> wrote:
> > > I doubt this a good idea. Avahi's DBUS interface reflects what Avahi
> > > is capable of and is in no way a generic DNS-SD API. In fact, Avahi is
> > > more powerful than either Howl or the Bonjour in many
> > > respects. Writing a bridge to access Howl/Bonjour via that DBUS API
> > > would be exceptionally kludgy if not impossible.
> > 
> > This is a policy decision. If an abstraction layer was used to
> > abstract away any possible implementation of a technology, GNOME would
> > bloat to hell.
> A thin abstraction layer is not bloat especially when you are are tieing
> in at lower an lower levels of the system.  What happens for instance if
> windows Vista has its own zeroconf implementation, it would be better to
> tie in there.  Or if gnome-keyring would rather use Apple's secret store
> instead of its default.

I know, it's not the point, but it is very unrealistic that Microsoft
might support mDNS/DNS-SD in the future. They fight for their own
"LLMNR" ("Linklocal multicast Name resolution") stuff wich is actually
more or less the same as mDNS but incompatible and without DNS-SD and
neither as optimized nor as powerful. There is actually quite an
hostility between Apple and Microsoft on this topic apparent on the
IETF mailing list on this topic.


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