Re: Moving to bonjour over howl

On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 15:48 +0800, Trent Lloyd wrote:

> That is not correct, Avahi caches all authorative responses it has *seen*,
> there is no way to guarantee the data in the cache is complete and can quite
> easily not be, if you wanted to keep a fresh cache you would need a
> program running in the background that was constantly querying the
> service types we want, however, while this may seem like a good idea,
> its a bad idea because this will cause the network to be hit with
> queries with these all the time, while they will settle out to about 15
> minutes after a while, it's not 'recommended' behavior and is
> specifically condemened in the RFC.

Yeah. That is true for DNS-SD browsing, although for just resolving mDNS
names caching should work fine (given that someone else sent a request
to resolve that name in the TTL of the record).

> In order to do that, what that code really needs to do at least is to
> wait more than a second as a responder can be caused to delay a second
> depending on the situation, in which case this would mean you may miss
> some replies.

Yes, which is what gnome-vfs does.

> (And this whole conversation started from before lennart understood the
> need for a 'sync' call)

Yeah, I think we all just basically agree. I just wanted to respond to
some general complaints that the gnome-vfs code was "ugly" or "broken".
Its not the nicest api/behaviour, but it does what it has to...

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