Re: [PROPOSAL] 'Change Password GUI'

On Wed, 2005-05-18 at 14:42 +0530, shakti wrote:
Diego Gonzalez wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-05-17 at 18:10 +0530, shakti wrote:
>>I would like to propose gnome-passwd (a password change GUI) for GNOME 2.12.
>>GNOME currently doesn't have a GUI to change the user's  password. This 
>>GUI can be integrated as part GNOME control-center using which users can 
>>change thier password without having to go to command line.
> There is a capplet on the control-center that i wrote it has some 
> support for changing the password of a user,
> it uses the passwd command thorugh a pipe (using code i stole from 
> gnome-system-tools) to change it, the capplet
> mostly works, but there are some things that need to be finished 
> before that capplet can be enable in the
> default build. I you want to improve the code to change the password 
> or finish the loose ends of the capplet go
> ahead, it is called about-me.

I wrote gnome-passwd as a simple and light-weight utility for 2.12 
timeframe. It is designed to use PAM authentication directly to allow 
the use of any new features which PAM might provide in future. So, 
essentially, I do not use the 'passwd' utility.

I agree about-me handles more user information. However, I need to look 
into it further.

As we stand today, gnome-passwd is a ready-to-be-integrated tool, which 
would help users change their password without the root passwd contraint.

Thanks for your review comments.

Right now i'm very busy with my finals, once that i finish (one month from now if i pass everything) i will take a look at your code and try to integrate it with the about-me capplet and finish the loose ends, so that it can be enabled by default. If you want to try it go ahead, just keep me updated on the changes that you do to the capplet.

- Shakti

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