Re: [PROPOSAL] 'Change Password GUI'

On Tue, 2005-05-17 at 18:10 +0530, shakti wrote:

I would like to propose gnome-passwd (a password change GUI) for GNOME 2.12.

GNOME currently doesn't have a GUI to change the user's  password. This 
GUI can be integrated as part GNOME control-center using which users can 
change thier password without having to go to command line.

There is a capplet on the control-center that i wrote it has some support for changing the password of a user,
it uses the passwd command thorugh a pipe (using code i stole from gnome-system-tools) to change it, the capplet
mostly works, but there are some things that need to be finished before that capplet can be enable in the
default build. I you want to improve the code to change the password or finish the loose ends of the capplet go
ahead, it is called about-me.
This is the gnome-passwd GUI snapshot.
This is the control-center shell snapshot. 
A brief summary of the underlying design.
The diff file for this proposal.

The code is complete in all respects as per the design specified. I am ready to incorporate
any additional comments given by the community and complete the documentation.


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