Re: [PROPOSAL] 'Change Password GUI'

2005/5/17, Matthew Thomas <mpt myrealbox com>:
> And as
> Jeff suggested, we shouldn't have too many configuration tools (some
> existing ones probably should be combined, too).
> Perhaps some improvements could be made to the Users and Groups tool
> instead.
> *   Let anyone open it, requiring an admin password only when you want
>      to modify someone's account and you don't currently have permission.
> *   Make the list of users much narrower (perhaps only one column), so
>      that properties -- including the password field -- can be visible
>      alongside it as soon as you select a user in the list, rather than
>      appearing in a separate window only when you click a "Properties"
>      button.
> *   Always place the account of the current user at the top of the
>      list, and pre-select it.
> That way, when you opened Users and Groups, the fields for changing your
> own password would be immediately visible.

Amen. Seriously, if we have g-s-t, why not just "fix" it to allow a
user modify its own password?

Not that I'm trying to disregard shakti's work, but it would be nice
avoiding duplication of code and features. The only problem that I see
is that only ubuntu ships g-s-t as the default system configuration



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