Re: Default theme

<quote who="Shaun McCance">

> I would *love* to have a markup language that could fully describe our
> screenshots, including populated data, non-windowed isolated widgets, etc.
> For über bonus points, make something that can be composited with SVG.  If
> rendering to an image is fast enough, and unobtrusive (no windows popping
> up and such), we could forego the whole screenshot process, and just have
> them dynamically rendered in Yelp.  Then screenshots would always look
> exactly like the rest of the user's desktop.

Wouldn't it be better to just have context sensitive help in the apps, and
do all of this stuff with the live app? :-)

- Jeff

GNOME Summit 2005: October 8th-10th
      "And, most importantly, we now have modules named 'fontilus' and
        'themus' -- the two founders of GROME." - Jonathon Blandford

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