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On 7/15/05, Shaun McCance <shaunm gmail com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 17:50 +0100, Alan Horkan wrote:
> > > None of the other Great Monarchs have assumed power on this issue.
> > > Thus I, as the GDP Fearless Leader, hereby declare this the new
> > > default theme.  I don't want a long discussion about people's
> > > favorite colors.  I want to start taking screenshots for our
> > > under-loved documentation.
> >
> > Calum Benson informed me there was a tool to generate "screenshots" from
> > Glade files included in the tools to build the HIG (written by JRB if I
> > recall correctly.)  I haven't actually got around to trying it out yet but
> > I did file a request against Glade to provide this kind of functionality
> > directly themselves:
> >
> >
> > It might not be much help to you but maybe it could cut down on some of
> > the work you have to do to create all those screenshots.  I take a lot of
> > screenshots too but probably nowhere near the quantity you must make.
> Going back on-list.  Hope you don't mind.
> The problem is that most of our screenshots can't be gotten from just
> Glade files.  Many times, applications have some sort of custom widget:
> the Nautilus icon view, the play area of any of the games, Gnumeric's
> spreadsheet area.  Even when they don't, they usually need to have the
> widgets populated with data: some text in the text view in Dictionary,
> some CD tracks in the list view in Sound Juicer.
> I would *love* to have a markup language that could fully describe
> our screenshots, including populated data, non-windowed isolated
> widgets, etc.  For über bonus points, make something that can be
> composited with SVG.  If rendering to an image is fast enough, and
> unobtrusive (no windows popping up and such), we could forego the
> whole screenshot process, and just have them dynamically rendered
> in Yelp.  Then screenshots would always look exactly like the rest
> of the user's desktop.
> OK, I'm going off the deep end.  All the same, this could be a
> really fun project for somebody to work on.

In theory, the bits included in the LDTP are enough to write scripts
that would populate everything a screenshot would need (given the
right data files, etc.) But I'm not sure anyone has ever actually done
something like that.


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