Gnome 2.10 Showstoppers - Update

Hey all,
With a lot of help from Elijah, here comes an update for the Gnome
2.10 showstoppers list. This
is Gnome 2.10. 10 like TEN. 

In the last list, we had 26 opened showstoppers.
Some of them were fixed, 
some of them were removed from the list, 
some outsider bugs were promoted.

Bugs fixed since last update :
    #154005 (GConf) : preload breaks the saved_state
    #151024 (nautilus) : crash clicking files without permissions
    #125364 (vte) : vte screens are black when initially shown

Bugs removed from the 2.10 list :
    #146930 (theme-manager) : Theme Preferences crashes once Industrial engine
     is installed
    #150669 (metacity) : Logout key should be handled here
    #133815 (keybinding) : keys refuse to "unbind"

The new updated list shows 23 opened showstoppers.
We now have 6 bugs in control-center, 3 in libegg and nautilus, 2 in
gnome-panel. The full list of bugs can be found at


** Gnome Control Center

#102149 (theme-manager) : List does not refresh after "Save theme"   

    When you save a theme or install a new theme, the theme list is not
    updated. It does not matter if you install the theme from the main theme
    manager page or the details page. 
    A couple of patches have been submitted, but it is not clear that they
    solved the bug.
#102216 (theme-manager) : Icon themes install into ~/.themes instead of

    A patch has been submitted to fix that bug, that was applied on
    2005-02-01. Following this, new crashes were detected in theme-manager,
    and the bug was re-opened.
    The issue is being actively worked on, and may be fixed very soon.

#146130 (background) : incorrect UTF-8 filename => empty filename tag -> crash

    Crash in the background capplet due to an incorrect UTF-8 filename. An
    example of an entry in .gnome2/backgrounds.xml that causes a crash is
    included. No solution in sight, no patch. Large number of duplicates.

#146645 (background) : gnome-background-properties crashes

    Files with non-UTF-8 filenames make the background capplet crash. A patch
    was proposed but rejected. No solution proposed. Large number of

#149236 (theme-manager) : crash opening gnome-theme-manager

    This bug describes different crashes that plague the theme manager, that
    may be related to leaks and weird theme names.  A lot of work went into
    this bug recently,,several patches have been proposed and applied. A dozen
    of dups.  
    Update : the last release of gnome-vfs and gtk-engines should
    have fixed this.

#166987 (shell) : NEW ! CC Graphical shell window freeze when resized
    In some undetermined circumstances, the shell window freezes when resized.
    As the shell window can only be accessed with --use-shell, this bug is
    unlikely to get triggered by users, thus it is unclear why it is
    considered a showstopper...

** gnome-applets

#121782 (stickynotes) : applet dies at logout
    Seems this is not specific to the stickynotes applet, but can happen with
    any applet. This bug goes mostly unnoticed as it happens at
    logout. Comment #26 suggests a possible way of investigation. 2 dups.

** gnome-panel

#146075 : Crash while adding images to desktop 

    To reproduce : Activate translucent panel, open the background capplet and
    quickly switch the background image twice.
    An X error is produced in panel-background-monitor, that lead to an applet
    crash and eventually a panel crash.
    Sneaky bug with plenty of duplicates. Unclear how to fix it.
    Update : more duplicates, but all from 2.8. The bug might be fixed, unless
    a 2.9 dup shows up.

#163501 : NEW ! Synchronize the main menu layout with new menu bar layout

    The main menu layout should be synchronized with the new menu layout in

** gnome-print

#157829 : print list should be populated asyncronously

    Switching between 2 cups printers in the printing dialog make the print
    dialog hang. Seems to be due to gnome-print accessing network printers
    directly without checking the network state. No duplicate.
    A correct fix is already present in RedHat linux, and should be merged in
    Gnome soon. Very soon. Note comment #13 : "It's not a show stopper" :-)
    Would be nice to have the fix though. 

    Update : One patch has been committed, two more are required to fix the

** gnome-session

#116814 : Splash screen doesn't disappear

    gnome-session does not handle well badly managed apps, so the Gnome splash
    screen hangs around forever when such applications are launched at
    startup. A dozen of duplicates. An easy fix has been often proposed :
    lower the timeout for the splash screen display. It does not fix the
    problem though, only the symptoms :-)

** gnome-volume-manager

#158718 : crash during apt-get upgrade

    Comment #2 suggests gnome-volume-manager crashed during a restart. 3
    duplicates. Did not seem to get a lot of attention.

    Update : may be Ubuntu-specific.

** gtk+

#166379 : NEW ! Problems with gtk_window_present()

    Interaction problems between gtk_window_present and focus stealing
    prevention. One patch (attached to the bug report) is needed to get into
    gtk+ for gnome 2.10.

** libegg

#164359 (recent-files) : recently-used breaks gedit

    Incorrect .recently-used makes gedit crash.  This bug has already been
    fixed on the gnome-vfs side, according to comment #7. However, a few
    patches and fixes in this bug could still be applied to egg-recent.
#165231 (recent-files) : Panel started crashing!
    Incorrect syntax in recently-used makes the panel crash. To fix,
    egg-recent needs to check for invalid XML.

#165506 (recent-files) : Memory leak in EggRecentModel::set_properties

    PATCH Still here !
    Like the title says. A patch is attached to the bug that plugs the leak.
    Just needs committing AFAICS.

** libwnck

#160977 (tasklist) : the window list applet does not use available space

    When you add the tasklist to a panel, buttons are so small by default that
    the tasklist is unusable. This bug was introduced when adding ellipsis
    support to tasklist button (bug #155868). Several duplicates, and
    solutions proposed (ie see patch in bug #155870). You can work around this
    bug by setting the tasklist "minimum size" to something big like 500
    pixels, but this is not obvious so the default behavior is broken.

** metacity, epiphany, gnome-terminal, etc

#149028 (filed as metacity) : Focus stealing bugs roundup

    Summary of all the focus-stealing bugs in the desktop.  This bug has 70
    comments, and encompass other components such as gnome-terminal, epiphany,
    startup-notification, gtk+ itself and who knows what else. 
    Update : 
    Issues remaining that Elijah appears to want done for 2.10 : 166722,

** nautilus

#145789 : Nautilus crashes on closing root window

    Crash with plenty of duplicate. A possible fix went into HEAD on
    2005-01-25. This one might be fixed.
#146297 (sidebar panel : Tree) : nautilus crashed after some navigating

    Crash with a dozen+ of duplicates. Last crash occurred with 2.8.1.
    Currently needs info from the reporter.

#146483 : Nautilus crashed when I dragged a folder from one place to another on
    the desktop

    7 dups. Last dup with 2.8.1.
    No clear way of fixing this bug.

** vte

#122150 (VteTerminal) : gnome-termnal won't "redraw" text lines
    properly when scrolling back then forward
    PATCH !

    If you scroll back then forward in gnome-terminal, the text is badly
    redisplayed. See Comment #7 to reproduce. 
    A patch from Benjamin Otte (comment #17) fixes the bug, is now included in
    gentoo, and just needs to be applied AFAICS.

** Yelp

#157941 : Help browser content is inaccessible [REGRESSION]

    Title says it all. In the switch from gtkhtml to gecko, the accessibility
    feature of yelp were lost. In order for this to be fixed, changes need to
    be made to mozilla code. Unclear how this will get resolved, as it is
    mostly out of Gnome's control.

    There was some discussion on mailing lists about shipping the 2.6 branch
    along with the new 2.10 yelp, and use the 2.6 when accessibility is
    enabled. No clear decision though. (as Elijah was kind enough to remind me,
    there was no Yelp 2.8 - the 2.6 version was used for the same
    inaccessibility reasons.)

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