Re: Gnome 2.10 Showstoppers - Update

On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 09:28 -0500, Vincent Noel wrote:
> Hey all,
> With a lot of help from Elijah, here comes an update for the Gnome
> 2.10 showstoppers list. This
> is Gnome 2.10. 10 like TEN. 

Thanks. By the way, next time it would be interesting to know which of
these are new bugs in 2.9/2.10 rather than bugs that have existed since

> ** Yelp
> #157941 : Help browser content is inaccessible [REGRESSION]
>     Title says it all. In the switch from gtkhtml to gecko, the accessibility
>     feature of yelp were lost. In order for this to be fixed, changes need to
>     be made to mozilla code. Unclear how this will get resolved, as it is
>     mostly out of Gnome's control.
>     There was some discussion on mailing lists about shipping the 2.6 branch
>     along with the new 2.10 yelp, and use the 2.6 when accessibility is
>     enabled. No clear decision though. (as Elijah was kind enough to remind me,
>     there was no Yelp 2.8 - the 2.6 version was used for the same
>     inaccessibility reasons.)

It's decided. GNOME 2.10 will not use yelp 2.10.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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