Re: Gnome 2.10 Showstoppers - Update

Thanks for sending this list of showstoppers. That's a very useful
reminder :-)
Comments below for some bugs.

Le jeudi 17 f�ier 2005 �9:28 -0500, Vincent Noel a �it :
>** gnome-panel
>#146075 : Crash while adding images to desktop 
>    To reproduce : Activate translucent panel, open the background capplet and
>    quickly switch the background image twice.
>    An X error is produced in panel-background-monitor, that lead to an applet
>    crash and eventually a panel crash.
>    Sneaky bug with plenty of duplicates. Unclear how to fix it.
>    Update : more duplicates, but all from 2.8. The bug might be fixed, unless
>    a 2.9 dup shows up.

It seems there are two bugs here. One had already been reported as bug
#128317. There's a patch attached to this bug that seems to fix it.
However it just replaces a gdk_pixbuf_get_from_drawable() with some code
that should be equivalent but does not crash. I did not have time to
look further at this, but I'm wondering if this might be a GDK bug...

>#163501 : NEW ! Synchronize the main menu layout with new menu bar layout
>    The main menu layout should be synchronized with the new menu layout in
>    HEAD.

Patch attached to the bug. I'll ask for ui breakage soon.

>** libwnck
>#160977 (tasklist) : the window list applet does not use available space
>    When you add the tasklist to a panel, buttons are so small by default that
>    the tasklist is unusable. This bug was introduced when adding ellipsis
>    support to tasklist button (bug #155868). Several duplicates, and
>    solutions proposed (ie see patch in bug #155870). You can work around this
>    bug by setting the tasklist "minimum size" to something big like 500
>    pixels, but this is not obvious so the default behavior is broken.

This one is probably the next bug on my TODO list since it really makes
the window list looks bad.


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