Re: Brainstorm for new default theme was: Exciting GNOME?

On Thu, 2005-17-02 at 06:36 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Aidan Delaney">
> > 	What do you want in a new default theme?  I'm looking for everything
> > from big-picture to details.  I don't want information like "the
> > $insert_widget should look like $insert_existing_theme" I want
> > information like "the $insert_widget should look like
> > $insert_description which can be seen in $insert_existing_theme".  Give
> > me information in text form rather than just images.
> > 	Over this weekend (get your say in before Friday night) I'll gather all
> > the ideas together into a decent document.  I'll then present it to
> > usability/internationalisation/accessibility people who can comment (if
> > they want).  In the end we'll hopefully have two or three candidate
> > ideas for development.
> > 	So reply with ideas no matter how crazy you think others may think
> > them.  Please don't disagree with someones ideas or flame them; think of
> > this as a group brainstorm.
> This is really not the list for this kind of discussion. Please reply off
> list if at all. (Also, your methodology is not useful for coming up with a
> usable theme, it will just come up with a dog's breakfast of things people
> like. You need one person to come up with and hone a design, and a bunch of
> people to critique it.)
> Please reply to the previous mail off-list if at all.
> - Jeff

You have every right to ask for an off-topic discussion to go off list,
but you have no right to recommend people not reply to him, and you have
no right to say the way he wants to make a proposal is "useless". Its
his time to use as he pleases.

If he puts forth something that looks like "dogs breakfast", then you
can dismiss it on more valid grounds than that you personally don't like
his methodology. Some people work differently than you Jeff. You should
find more constructive ways of deal with them then telling them to shove

Its responses like these that drive off energetic but possibly misguided
new people, who if handled more constructively could become proper
contributors to the project. Explain the rules to them, don't rap them
on the fingers.


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